Be More Present In Your Life


Don't wait for retirement to enjoy it.

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Enjoy Today

Live in the moment. Don’t miss opportunities as they come. It will lead to great todays without missing the best tomorrows.

Be A Healthier You

Understanding the tradeoffs around spending, saving, and investing leads to a more relaxed and peaceful you.

Money Is A Tool

Money isn’t everything but it is one of the biggest tools in building your dream life. We put money in its place and help you use it effectively.

Why Choose Destiny Capital

Think of us as one part Chief Financial Officer and one part Concierge. We create a strategic focus to ensure that your financial life matches your actual life, and then we take on the heavy lifting of implementing all of the pieces that make that strategy work.

Technology + Human Connection

Technology + Human Connection

Human connection is always our focus, but we leverage technology solutions that allow us to connect and make information available wherever you are.

Trust Who You Work With

Trust Who You Work With

You shouldn’t have to go on faith when hiring a financial team, so we make it easy by operating as a fiduciary and showing you our fees upfront. Simple, clear, honest - like everyone should be.

We Are Lifelong Learners

We Are Lifelong Learners

The world changes quickly, and finance is no exception. We are constantly learning so that we can keep our clients in front of the pace of change.

Tailored To You

Tailored To You

Many advisors are focused almost exclusively on investments, rather than on building a truly custom strategy and financial concierge team for their clients. At Destiny Capital, we begin by working with you to understand your philosophy on wealth, and what living your ideal lifestyle today and tomorrow looks like. We work with you to translate your focus and goals into strategies that you can delegate to your Destiny Capital team, allowing you to focus on the people and passions that matter most to you.
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Our Team

Working with Destiny Capital means you have a team that is dedicated to helping you plan for the future you want. Meet a few of our team members: 

Steve Musick

Steve Musick, ChFC®, CLU®

Since 1977, Steve has helped families realize their dreams and live life on their terms. He is dedicated to expanding financial freedom for his clients and his firm. When you can’t find him in the office, he’s probably out with a fly rod or tennis racket in hand.

Jarrod Musick

Jarrod Musick, CFP®

Jarrod is leading Destiny Capital into its future, and loves the challenge of helping clients navigate through a rapidly changing financial landscape. When he isn’t here, you can find him chasing his twins or first place at an obstacle course race.

Amy Bertle

Amy Bertle, CFP®, CDFA®

Amy has a passion for helping her clients emerge from rough times in their lives, and helps them to rebuild an even fuller, beautiful life. Outside of her work life, she can be found running around Denver with her two Bernese Mountain Dogs.

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