About Us

Our story starts back in 1977 when Steve Musick, our founder, entered the world of financial guidance as a life insurance agent. In 1988 he launched the company that would later become Destiny Capital. In 2000, Destiny Capital founded its Broker/Dealer, Destiny Capital Securities Corporation, which allowed us to be fully independent to implement our recommendations for clients.


Our mission is to allow people to be more present in their lives by using finance as a tool. You may be wondering how being present, which is typically more associated with practices like self evaluation or meditation, can be achieved through finance. Think about your life today. How much of your daily mental and emotional capacity is tied into thoughts about money and the future?


Our job is to help clients achieve clarity around money and money related decisions and then design strategies to offload the uncertainty and worry about financial decisions. Our clients retain us to not only provide financial advice and asset management, but also to give them back the time and energy that used to be consumed by dealing with money.