Our Process

All great relationships are built on a connection between people who provide value to one another. Our relationships have to begin in the same way. The first time that you reach out or are introduced to us, we want to make sure that you are connected with the members of our team who are going to be of most help to you. In order to do that, we ask a few questions about what you are hoping to get out of our relationship. We then work with you to schedule a time to chat, either in person, or by phone or video conference. During this conversation we will begin to look more deeply to see where our team can fit into your life. At that time, we begin to answer your questions about us and how we work.

After the initial conversation we gather your Destiny Capital team together to begin our strategic planning process. This planning process typically takes a few weeks. During that time we will be reaching out to ask follow up questions as we refine our initial recommendations. Depending on the level of complexity in your financial life, we may request an additional meeting to ask some specific questions to help us craft our recommendations.

We then get back together to present our initial recommendations on how to move toward your goals and decrease your time and stress in getting there. Your Destiny Capital team presents you with an assessment of your current financial structure and systems and recommends ways we can adjust and build on what you already have. During this presentation you should expect us to clearly describe how your financial life will be designed to ensure that you are able to do the things that matter most to you today and tomorrow. We want to keep your time and effort to a minimum. You should also expect that your presentation will include specifics on what Destiny Capital will do, how much we will charge, and what areas will need your involvement.

After you give us your feedback on your personal strategic framework, we will make additional changes as necessary and begin our implementation work. Typically, over the following six months we will be busy updating you on our progress and contacting you frequently for progress updates. After the initial six months we are typically into the flow of what our long term relationship will feel like. The long term relationship will be tailored to you and how you want to interact with us. Some clients choose to meet with us face to face each quarter and some clients prefer an annual video conference update. How we interact is up to you.

All clients have access to their personal strategic dashboard which details their particular strategy and objectives. They have  a secure document exchange portal with real time financial holdings and performance data. All clients have access to their Destiny Capital team for questions.

The best relationships are built on connection and value. Our process is built entirely around connecting with and providing great value to you.

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