Our Team at Destiny Capital

We have built our team with a clear focus on our clients. Our advisors are trained and educated in the field of financial planning. Equally as important, our advisors have a wealth of experience in working with clients to not only provide answers to their questions but to also ask questions they didn’t know to ask. This allows us to make sure we are doing the very best job in helping our clients get from where they are to their ideal financial life. Our wealth management coordinators are the members of our team who make sure that no details get missed and that everything is implemented as seamlessly as possible. The administrative staff makes sure that the entire operation is running smoothly. 

Jarrod Musick

CEO/President, CFP®
Client Wealth Strategist

Tiffany Charles

Chief Growth Officer

Steve Musick

Founder, MSM, MSFS, MGS
Client Wealth Strategist

Tim Doyle

Chief Investment Officer, CFP®, MBA

Aaron Leatherwood

Client Wealth Strategist

Megan Reinkemeyer

Client Wealth Planner, CFP®

Alison Yoder

Client Wealth Coordinator, CFP®

Tedi Seitz

Client Wealth Coordinator
Candidate for CFP®

Judy Niemeyer

Client Wealth Coordinator

Mabel Pirner

Chief Financial Officer

Erin O'Neill

Chief Compliance Officer

Renee Khandelwal

Project Manager of Operations

Destiny Greenleaf

Marketing Coordinator, CDMP

Sharri Brown

Office Administrator

Ken Crabb

Restricted Property Trust, TPA