The Impact Multiplier

on November 13, 2019 |By Jarrod Musick | Impact
Trying to do more can mean that you impact fewer things. However, there are three rules you can use to increase your impact by doing less and still be more at peace.   Rule #1: If, by doing something, you would consider it a day well lived, even if it was all you did, make it a priority. If it's not, then you should move it down your priority list or off the list entirely.  
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Social Security Considerations: Portfolio Withdrawals

In our first discussion about Social Security, we discussed Break-Even Analysis. It's a good place to start as it is fundamental to understanding when to claim Social Security. However, it's exactly that, a starting point. If that's where your research stops, then you are missing the bigger picture. Unfortunately, that is where many studies, commentary, and analysis done by individuals begin and end.  
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How to Leverage Opportunity Zones

on October 28, 2019 |By Jarrod Musick | Business Owners
Opportunity zones are new, powerful opportunities for expanding businesses, and are not widely understood. That combination matters if you are raising capital for your business.  Opportunity zones are not enterprise zones, blighted areas, empowerment zones, or any of the litany of other designations. Opportunity Zones (OZs) were created in the 2017 tax reform bill. The provision allowed for the designation of specific geographic areas that met certain economic criteria. As a result, there are now 8,700 OZs around the country that allow for special tax benefits to investors who invest in companies in those zones. There are several tests that a company can meet to qualify as a Qualified Opportunity Zone Business (QOZB), but they center around the primary operations and most of the employees being located in the OZ or across multiple OZs.  
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Social Security Considerations: Break-Even Analysis

“When should I claim Social Security benefits?” Our clients ask this question often. Of course, as dutiful advisors, this is a planning element we begin to evaluate proactively as soon as our clients are nearing the age that this decision needs to be made. Unfortunately, as with many things in life, things are more complicated than they appear. It also doesn't help that there are a myriad of articles and opinions that don't evaluate the question from the same perspective, much less draw the same conclusion.  
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Market & Economy Report: Q4 2019

on October 09, 2019 |By Tim Doyle | Market & Economy
Several weeks ago, I lay in bed fast asleep - no doubt dreaming about stock rallies and lifelong bull markets – when I was woken by a noise from down the hall. My two-year-old, who is typically a great sleeper like his Dad, had woken up at 3 a.m. and was calling frantically for ‘Mama’ and ‘Dada’. I sat up in bed, mumbled to my wife “I’ve got this one” and sleepily trudged down the hallway. After a few moments of soothing talk, my son’s mood instantly changed, and he excitedly pointed to his bookshelf asking “read book?!” I immediately realized that I had fallen for one of the classic parenting blunders, and had walked directly into a 2-year-old’s trap. Defeated, I told him that we would read only one book, then it would be time to go back to bed. Of course, several minutes later upon finishing Bear Snores On, he pointed to his bookshelf again saying “That one! That one!”, and I couldn’t help but smirk and roll my eyes. If you know anything about children, you’ll know that they’ll always try to push boundaries and ask for more, whether it be reading books, eating a treat, or asking for more playtime before bed.  
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