From $47B to $8B in Nine Months

on January 13, 2020 |By Jarrod Musick, CFP® | Business Owners
How does $47B turn into $8B in nine months? Ask WeWork.   For any entrepreneur, what you should expect to receive from a business exit depends on several factors, most of which are outside of your control. WeWork gives us a high-profile cautionary tale of how an external sale can flame out very quickly.  
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Market & Economy Report: Q1 2020

As my wife and I hone-in on 10 years of marriage, I’ve come to learn that there are two things that a married couple will never, ever agree upon:   1)  The appropriate ambient temperature inside of their home. 2)  The proper way to load a dishwasher. Sidenote: my wife and I can’t even agree upon the proper terminology for this task, as she uses the word ‘stack’ while I use the correct term - ‘load’.  
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Social Security Considerations: Putting It All Together

Social Security is an extensive topic to cover. To digest it easier, we've broken it down into four parts: Break-Even Analysis, Portfolio Withdrawals, Spousal and Survivor Benefits, and Limitations. So, how do we put all of this together?  
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Your Guide to Creating an Impact Plan

on December 23, 2019 |By Jarrod Musick, CFP® | Planning Impact
You won't create the impact you seek without automating how you do it.    Automating your systems for creating impact cuts through the massive number of daily tasks you have, which allows you to avoid feeling like you always come up short on how you are impacting the world around you. Doing it well is important because not doing it consistently feels incredibly negative to yourself.  
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Social Security Considerations: Limitations

So far in our Social Security series, we've covered Break-Even Analysis, Portfolio Withdrawals, and Spousal and Survivor Benefits. Next, let's talk about the limitations to be aware of. Three primary instances where Social Security may be limited include Earnings Test, Windfall Elimination Provision, and Government Pension Offset.  
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