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Twitter, Nike, and the World of Predictive Analytics

on September 20, 2018 |By Tim Doyle | Other
Mention the companies Twitter or Nike these days, and you’re bound to generate some passionate dialogue.  Many of today’s controversies may have you longing for a time when ad campaigns were nothing more than a heated argument over “Tastes great/Less filling” or a little old lady wondering, “Where’s the beef?”  As disciplined asset managers, we are predisposed to remove all emotion from our corporate research and investment decisions. As such, our first question about Nike’s controversial new Just Do It campaign was, “What does the data tell us?”
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NetXInvestor vs Albridge Wealth Reporting - Which Portal Should I Use?

on February 05, 2018 |By Tim Doyle | Other
At Destiny Capital, we believe that it’s important for our clients to have the tools and resources they need to be informed, confident investors. Our Advisors and Wealth Management Coordinators are always available to assist and answer questions during regular business hours. However, we realize that you might like to have access to your personal financial data on your time.  
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Navigating Social Security Decisions With Poor Visibility

on November 15, 2017 |By Tim Doyle | Retirement Planning
Several years ago while skiing, my wife and I found ourselves alone on the Timberline chairlift, ascending to the peak of Mary Jane in windy, whiteout conditions.  As many of you know, high country weather can change in a heartbeat, and our pleasant day had quickly turned into the perfect storm.   As we approached the summit, we began to grow nervous as visibility diminished to about twenty feet, and we could no longer see the chair ahead of us. We’d skied Mary Jane only once before, and we were about to enter treacherous, unfamiliar terrain without a clear strategy for how we were going to descend.
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