Are You Prepared for a Business Transition?

on October 18, 2018 |By Jarrod Musick | Business Owners
At some point, we all need to transition the businesses we have built. That day may come in a year or in forty years. It could be in pieces over time or all at once, but it will come. Have you thought about what is going to happen when that day comes for your business? Most business equity transitions happen during our lifetimes. So, for now, I will focus on those and leave the transfers that occur at our death for another time. Of the types that happen during our lifetime, there are external transitions and internal transitions.  
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How Credit Scores Work

on October 18, 2018 |By Amy Bertle | Other
We have all heard about a credit score. But what is it, how does it work, and how can you improve your credit score? A credit score is a way for a lender to determine how likely a person is to pay back loans. It is used as a way to compare potential borrowers and to evaluate how much a bank can trust a borrower with their money. A high credit score tells the lender a person has a history of using credit wisely and pays back what he/she has been loaned. A low credit score shows the lender the opposite.  
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Why We Don't Use Standardized Tests

on October 18, 2018 |By Steve Musick | Retirement Planning
A new client visited us recently. Some lifelong friends, who are long-term clients of our firm, had referred them. The new clients had recently gone to a seminar and participated in an online planning process. It's now very popular for firms to have people take “standardized tests” to determine their planning parameters. The results painted a particularly bleak future for them, including needing to save more money each month than anyone reasonably could in today’s world or suffer the alternative of having to continue to work until they were 76 years old assuming they could keep their jobs, skills, and health for that long. Sometimes I think the firms that do this really believe that fear is a good selling strategy, but it created a perfect time for them to come in for a conversation. We sat down and flipped through their sixteen-page report that had been created from the standardized tests.
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The Role of Life Insurance for Business Partners

on September 27, 2018 |By Jarrod Musick | Business Owners
As a business owner, there are opportunities to determine when to recognize income and when to be selective taking on expenses. One of the more frequent questions we get from business owners is “can the business pay for life insurance to reduce our taxes?”. The short answer is both “it’s complicated” and “no.”
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Twitter, Nike, and the World of Predictive Analytics

on September 20, 2018 |By Tim Doyle | Other
Mention the companies Twitter or Nike these days, and you’re bound to generate some passionate dialogue.  Many of today’s controversies may have you longing for a time when ad campaigns were nothing more than a heated argument over “Tastes great/Less filling” or a little old lady wondering, “Where’s the beef?”  As disciplined asset managers, we are predisposed to remove all emotion from our corporate research and investment decisions. As such, our first question about Nike’s controversial new Just Do It campaign was, “What does the data tell us?”
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