Keystone Habits for Business Growth

on January 15, 2019 |By Jarrod Musick | Business Owners
In his 2012 book, The Power of Habit, Charles Duhigg discusses the power that habits have over our lives. Think of putting your shoes on; each time you likely put on the same shoe first and tie it without consciously thinking about it. These habit patterns were built in childhood and, by automating the process, your brain is freed up to pursue higher level tasks. Without habits, our minds would be consumed by moving through the world every day and we would struggle to make any real progress.
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How to Find the Right Estate Planning Attorney

on January 15, 2019 |By Amy Bertle | Retirement Planning
A simple Google search for an estate planning attorney can return millions of results. The idea of sorting through all of these search results can seem daunting. Furthermore, choosing the wrong attorney can cause significant, and often costly, problems if your estate plan is incorrect. If you are in need of an estate planning attorney and are unsure of where to start, below are a few questions and answers that may help you find an attorney who is right for you.
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Why We Need Truth and Respect for Delegation

on December 17, 2018 |By Jarrod Musick | Business Owners
As business owners, our most precious resource is our time and how we use it. While we all have 168 hours every week, we can only put a very minimal amount of that towards the important pieces in our business. Your 30-60 available hours can’t really change too much without impacting your family, health, and general wellbeing. So, how do we maximize this valuable resource? The only way to move forward is through delegation and efficiency gains. Efficiency gains happen through the building and re-building of systems, tools, and processes to allow our work to move more smoothly. Delegation, on the other hand, is a product of our choices and our willingness to empower others to take things off of our plates. It is about the why rather than the how.  
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5 Popular Myths About Grieving

on December 17, 2018 |By Amy Bertle | Women Dealing With Loss
The common misconceptions we have about grief can amplify the pain surrounding the death of a loved one. The unrealistic and unnatural expectation of the emotions and actions for those who are grieving have become harmful. Knowing and understanding these common myths can help avoid some of the pain we put ourselves through.  
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Finding the Needles in the Haystack

on December 03, 2018 |By Steve Musick | Other
One of the benefits of doing in-house research is that you can occasionally spot trends as they're forming. As an investment firm, being ‘early’ in spotting trends means that it could be possible to invest in areas of future demand, which brings the possibility of generating better returns. Since the turn of the century, our Investment Committee has met every Thursday.  Our Investment Committee is a seasoned, knowledgeable team dedicated to managing our clients’ capital. It requires strong discipline to rigorously look at large sets of data with the intent of detecting meaningful trends. In the ever-increasing wave of more and more information, it is a massive task to sift through the ‘noise’ to obtain important and actionable information. Very often, we keep this information to ourselves as a strategic advantage (we have never published or sold any of our research, nor will we). In the case I outline below, our research is becoming validated in others' published research. Like Sherlock Holmes, we think we have discovered something meaningful.  
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