Your Guide to Creating an Impact Plan

on December 23, 2019 |By Jarrod Musick, CFP® | Planning Impact
You won't create the impact you seek without automating how you do it.    Automating your systems for creating impact cuts through the massive number of daily tasks you have, which allows you to avoid feeling like you always come up short on how you are impacting the world around you. Doing it well is important because not doing it consistently feels incredibly negative to yourself.  
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The Impact Multiplier

on November 13, 2019 |By Jarrod Musick, CFP® | Impact
Trying to do more can mean that you impact fewer things. However, there are three rules you can use to increase your impact by doing less and still be more at peace.   Rule #1: If, by doing something, you would consider it a day well lived, even if it was all you did, make it a priority. If it's not, then you should move it down your priority list or off the list entirely.  
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Stop Selling Yourself Short

on September 30, 2019 |By Jarrod Musick, CFP® | Business Owners Impact
Everyone impacts the world around them, planned or not. At Destiny Capital, we have always had conversations with our clients about how they are currently making an impact and how they aspire to. Because it's important, we have developed a structured way to have this conversation and to refresh it every so often. Out of these discussions, we have discovered how differently everyone looks at impact and how it makes us feel. Some people immediately think of it as charitable contributions or volunteer work. Some think of it as being available and present to those closest to them. Some think of it as creating something that changes the world. The truth is, everyone has a different way that they show up for the world around them, and impact is unique to each of us.  
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Defining Your Why

What type of impact do you want to have? Who do you want to impact? What changes need to be made to have that impact? Questions like this provoke quite a bit of thought and feelings. They challenge you to reflect on your core principles and determine whether you are being true to them.  
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How to Find Your Form of Fitness

"We must all either wear out or rust out, every one of us. My choice is to wear out." - Theodore Roosevelt  
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