Market & Economy Report: Q3 2019

on July 10, 2019 |By Tim Doyle | Market & Economy
Years ago, I thought it might be a new and exciting challenge to participate in a sprint triathlon here in Colorado.  After all, the Centennial State is filled with active adventure-seekers, so I wanted in on some of the action. As I stood on the banks of a frigid lake donned in a form-fitting wetsuit at 7 a.m. on the morning of the event, I began to have second thoughts.  A steady wind made the lake very choppy. In fact, the one lasting memory I have of the triathlon – aside from the breath-stealing gut punch from when I first entered the 51-degree water – was realizing how difficult it was to navigate once I began my swim. Arms and legs - including my own - flailed around me, and the choppy water made it nearly impossible to spot the marker-buoys that outlined the swim course.  After several minutes, I found myself gradually drifting off course which added precious minutes to my overall time.  
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Market & Economy Report: Q2 2019

on April 18, 2019 |By Tim Doyle | Market & Economy
There are few better ways to welcome spring each year than by spending an afternoon at Coors Field with a rockies dog in-hand and a cold beverage within reach. It never fails that every time I’m at a baseball game, the 7th inning stretch rolls around and I’m reminded that there are two types of baseball fans:  
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