How Your Brain Deals With Trauma

on March 14, 2019 |By Amy Bertle | Women Dealing With Loss
There are some common themes throughout life that we all share. Research has shown one of these shared experiences is what has been commonly referred to as “widow’s brain”. After the trauma of losing a spouse, the majority of women experience a type of “fog” that can feel like an overwhelming sense of being disconnected, unorganized, and scatterbrained. In this state of mind, the ability to perform simple tasks, recall memories, and think through problems seems impossible.
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5 Popular Myths About Grieving

on December 17, 2018 |By Amy Bertle | Women Dealing With Loss
The common misconceptions we have about grief can amplify the pain surrounding the death of a loved one. The unrealistic and unnatural expectation of the emotions and actions for those who are grieving have become harmful. Knowing and understanding these common myths can help avoid some of the pain we put ourselves through.  
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The Do’s and Do Not Do’s After the Loss of a Spouse

on July 24, 2018 |By Amy Bertle | Women Dealing With Loss
If the death of a spouse isn’t bad enough, next comes dealing with the financial aftermath. The loss of a spouse can unleash a cascade of questions, tasks, and worries, especially if the spouse who passed away was “in charge” of the financial side of the household.   The first few months following the death of a spouse are going to be filled with questions surrounding what happens now. There are a few “dos and don’ts” to follow during these months.  
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Why Being Aware of Your Cash Flow Is Important

on July 02, 2018 |By Amy Bertle | Women Dealing With Loss
Elton John, Michael Jackson, Mike Tyson and Cyndi Lauper. What do they all have in common? They all filed for bankruptcy. We do not want to bring up famous bankruptcies to scare you. We want to show examples of people who made millions of dollars but did not know (or want to know) that their lifestyles were costing them more than what they were making. It doesn't matter how much money you make or have saved as a nest egg if the outflow is higher than the inflow, sooner or later the money will dry up.  
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The Role of Social Security in a Divorce

on June 18, 2018 |By Amy Bertle | Women Dealing With Loss
Even after finalizing a divorce, the planning is not over. It is time for Social Security benefits to play their role. The "who is entitled to what Social Security benefit and when" can add yet another layer to the complexity of a divorce in the years to come.
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