Business Owners

Entrepreneurs and equity partners in businesses face a host of challenges that salaried employees don’t see. Managing fluctuating cash flow, reserve capital needs, and tax projections and payments are detailed and complex tasks that are all part of the daily challenges in managing business equity. With the challenges, businesses also present significant opportunities to customize your life. As an owner or partner, you are free to build something that is tailored to you.

Our business owner clients expect us to help them understand how business cash flows can support the life they want to live both in the present and into the future. We start by asking lots of questions to understand how their business works and then review financial data to give us the total picture. This information allows us to build systems to make sure there is always enough money available to meet needs as they come up in the business, while also getting clients where they want to go on the personal side.

We also provide guidance on elements surrounding executive compensation, retirement plans, and business owner insurance coverages. These areas hold a number of specific tax incentives that may make sense based on the needs of the business owner. It is our job to evaluate the tradeoffs among these areas and help our clients decide which ones to implement.


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