At Destiny we design and implement all of our Private Wealth Strategies with a focus on risk management and asset protection for clients. As a fully independent firm we are able to customize each of our wealth strategies to your needs as a client and build them around your risk profile. Not only do we evaluate your ability to assume risk but we are also able to leverage our proprietary systems and third party analytics providers to gain a deeper understanding of asset by asset risk in order to build smarter portfolios. Our three pronged approach to risk management truly sets us apart.

The first component of our three pronged approach is to fully evaluate your specific needs and constraints as it pertains to risk. For instance, someone with an operating reserve fund for their business will generally be able to take on more volatility or up and down movement in their personal investments than a business owner who only finances their operational needs with a small line of credit. By the same token someone who will be retiring next year may have an entirely different view on volatility than someone planning to work for another ten years. We take the time to fully understand your specific needs and constraints.

The second component of our risk management approach is to construct an investment portfolio or several portfolios that are designed to meet your specific investment goals, time horizons, liquidity needs, and risk profile. When selecting the individual assets for your portfolios we leverage both internal research and expert third party analytics providers. Selection of each asset is done by our investment committee and we monitor all portfolios on a weekly basis. By utilizing analytic tools that allow us to evaluate not only the risk of an individual asset but also the correlated risk of those assets as a portfolio we are able to communicate the investment risk of your portfolios in an easy to understand manner.

The third component of our approach to risk management is that we are actively managing and monitoring your portfolios every day. Our clients rely on us to maintain vigilance and act on risks and opportunities as they present themselves. While some in our business believe in a “set it and forget it” approach to investing we feel that our clients are best served by having us actively engaged in managing their risk on a day to day basis.

The combination of all three components of our process allows us to evaluate, manage, and communicate risks to our clients in a way that maximizes the value they receive from our work here at Destiny Capital.

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