Retirement Planning

The question that we all wrestle with heading into full retirement or even just slowing down in a career is, “Can my family live the life we want?” This question is all about moving from wondering what the future looks like, to having the confidence to make big decisions.

Retirement looks different for everyone. It rarely fits the stereotype of never working again and passing your time split between the front porch and the golf course. Instead, it is just the next step in your life journey and requires you to come up with the right mix of daily income, splurge income, and reserve money in case plans change. So, determining how to blend together cash holdings, investment accounts, real estate holdings, passive business income, social security, and retirement accounts is something that we customize to each client.

Life after retirement also changes frequently, just like life during the main working years. Helping clients create and maintain flexibility in their financial strategy is part of the ongoing retirement planning process. If a client retires from chemical engineering and later decides to start a confectionary, we are able to help them move seamlessly from working to retirement to entrepreneurship.

We also help clients match their retirement income needs to how their money actually shows up. Most clients previously received a salary or some type of recurring payroll. We can set up their income to automatically transfer into a checking account just like when they received a paycheck. Some clients received large periodic bonuses or business profit distributions on quarterly or irregular timelines and they prefer to receive their retirement income that way. Whatever matches up best with how a client wants income determines how we build the retirement income streams.

Retirement today is not a destination but just the next leg of the journey. Flexibility and customization are key.


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