As a closely held business owner you understand both the benefits and risks of having a large amount of your personal wealth concentrated in your business. Being able to re-invest in yourself and your core business is a great tool for generating both income and equity value. You also understand the continual balance between maximizing the use of capital and credit in your business while also supporting your family’s lifestyle. This tug of war between the business and personal is not unique and most business owners feel it on a daily basis.

At Destiny we help our business owner clients create the structure that allows them to balance the needs of the enterprise with the needs of their family. We work with our clients to design custom strategies and systems that allow them to manage their cash flow, debt utilization and ultimately unlocking the equity in their enterprise at the right time. We typically design these strategies for business owner clients with annual revenues between $2,000,000 and $20,000,000 and one to four owners.

As an example if you are one of three partners in a profitable business and one partner wants to exit next year, one partner wants to work an additional five years and one partner wants to continue working for another decade how do you go about letting each partner get their equity value over to their personal accounts without selling the business? We have helped businesses solve problems like this without selling or damaging the business in the process.

Each business is unique, which is one of the things that makes them all special. Understanding your business and your ultimate vision for it allows us to create customized strategies to help you and your enterprise get where you want to be.

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