When that massive road bump in life becomes a reality in your family, everything changes. Research has shown that divorce is the second most traumatic life event that you can experience, next to the death of a spouse. If you and your family are currently going through a divorce we understand where you are at. Or maybe you have recently finalized yours and are trying to figure out how assets will be divided and expenses met. We are here to help and have the experts who have been through the process before.

Most of our clients who are going through or have recently gone through a divorce value our ability to see clarity through uncertainty. In most cases you are trying largely build a new life from scratch. A new house, new contact information or new name, new financial accounts and trying to figure out how all of those come together for you. You may even be rethinking your lifestyle, vocation, location and many other factors. We get it.

Our job is to truly listen to you and what your needs are. If you want to build plans and strategies that allow you to work on your big life goals we are ready to have that conversation. If you just need to pick up the pieces and create a sense of normalcy in your new life we can help you get organized and back on solid ground.

We are also here to help you make the best decisions during a highly sensitive time. If you are just starting the process of divorce we are here to help you with things like understanding which assets are joint or individual, how does alimony and child support work, and how to go about valuing assets as part of the settlement.

Wherever you are in the divorce process we have a team of experts and great listeners ready to meet with you.

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