Tax Planning

Usually the second question that clients want us to help them answer, after “Do I have enough to live the life I want?” is “How do I reduce the amount of tax I owe?” Our job is to design and operate your financial strategy to be as tax efficient as possible while also being flexible and tailored to your needs. For example, we might discuss the tradeoffs between two different account types or whether to sell an investment at a loss in order to recognize the loss for that tax year.

We operate as a personal CFO team because a CFO has the entire financial picture to review so that they can help the CEO make the best decisions. We are charged with helping our clients make the best financial decisions. A big part of that decision making process is taxes. So, when we are managing money for our clients, looking at not just the investment returns but also the net after tax investment returns is something we discuss. Helping our clients understand the tradeoffs between taking income from various sources, putting money into a rental property, or reinvesting in the business are also part of our analysis.

Taxes will always be a part of the financial lives of our clients. Our job is to make sure that we are being as efficient as possible to help our clients have better control of their taxes.


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