Wealth Management

The wealth management process is built on having a complete view of the things in your life that impact your money and your time. Then we can create strategies to help you maximize both.

We view our role as being a Chief Financial Officer or CFO for you and your family. The CEO of a company expects their CFO to keep track of all the financial details, keep the money moving where it needs to go, and provide them with recommendations so they can make quality decisions. As the CEO of your family, you can expect the same things from your personal CFO team here at Destiny Capital. Our job is to understand your total wealth picture and help you manage it.

When you think about wealth in your life it probably doesn’t just mean how much you have in your bank account, retirement account, or investment accounts. When you think about it, you take into account all your money, your debts, your cash needs, and upcoming expenses. The wealth management process considers all of those areas along with others: How much can your investments go down? What happens to your family and your business if you are in a bad car accident or fall off a cliff? If your business has two bad quarters in a row, will it still be there?

Along with those, wealth management also looks at the good stuff that still presents challenges. As an example, imagine that you just had twins! How would you pay for two college educations at the same time and possibly two weddings after that? Or, maybe you need to decide -- should I pay cash for the new beach house or use a private banking interest only loan?

Considering all the pieces of your life and your finances gives us the information to help you make better decisions and keep more of your time and money.


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