Women Dealing With Loss

Losing a partner is probably the most traumatic event that our clients face. At a time when clients should focus on grieving, they are also faced with picking up the financial pieces. We help our clients understand what has to happen immediately and what can wait while implementing the immediate changes.

Our focus with clients who are dealing with death or divorce is to help them understand what is happening with the changes in their life. Money is important but never as important as emotional wellbeing.

After the initial trauma has passed, our clients usually want to take a more active role in determining what new direction they are taking in life in general. A big part of that role change is gaining a better understanding of how to best manage their finances. Whether through a life insurance payout, divorce settlement, or some other vehicle, finances are substantially different than they were before. Helping clients understand how to get organized, where their income is coming from, and how to stay flexible are the big areas of focus during the recovery process.

Death and divorce are traumatic. We help our clients pick up the pieces and regain their confidence to manage their finances.


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